Why personalization?


– Because your customers are expecting to be treated as individuals!

In today’s competitive environment you need to interact on an individual level with your existing and potential customers and offer the right product at the right time through the right channels!

Make the best use of your customer data!
To be able to interact on an individual level with your customers, you have to know them. You have the data, you just need to make better use of it.

Here are some examples of what you can do when you combine your customer data, when you start knowing your customers:

Personalized emails: What are you sending your customers? Are you sending the same offers to all customers? Regardless of what I bought last year or what I just looked at? Hmm, would you do the same if your customer was right in front of you?

Personalize content on your web page: Do you know how many times your customer look at the exact same product or service before they actually buy? Every time they look and do not buy, you risk loosing them to your competitor – If you had a store, how many times would you let them walk in and out before you would interact with them? – Excuse me, I have noticed that you have been looking at this item five times, how can I help you?

Send abandoned shopping carts in email: Customers, or rather, potential customers who have looked at your products but not completed the purchase can often be inspired to come back and buy, if you just make it easy for them! Send them an email with a link to the shopping basket, or last viewed product.

Engage with the customer at the right time in the customer life cycle: If you are an airline, have your passengers just checked in? Then don´t send them a check in notice. Remember, we want to get a positive interaction – we do not want the customer to sigh and delete our email in despair.

Channel: What channel are you using when communicating? 65% of emails are red on mobile first! Is this true for you?

Display Marketing: Are you spending money on customers that already have purchased? That sounds like a waste. If you could identify who bought something, maybe it would be better to offer them an upsell.

Data Talks can help you to do just that with a system called Innometrics Profile Cloud. We do this by implementing Innometrics Profile Cloud and:

• Collect data from various sources and channels (online and offline) and build a rich customer centric profile
• Enrich the data by augmenting information about the person behind it (the customer)
• Share enriched and actionable data back to your systems (i.e.: e-mail, CRM, web or call centre) so you can offer the right product, to the right customer at the right time.